Combined EFT/Matrix Reimprinting and Reflexology Treatments Now Available throughout 2017

Why not enjoy a COMBO - a unique combination of EFT/Matrix Reimprinting and Reflexology?

Sometimes, especially when we feel emotional it might be difficult to completely switch off in order to get the full benefits of a treatment. 

Also, we might find keeping in a relaxed state challenging once we have left a treatment room, as we find it hard coping with certain stressful factors in the environment we live in.

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting allow a better understanding of your own situation and achieve a more continuous state of calmness and inner peace, resulting in a great healing of your mind.  Reflexology can amplify this by allowing the physical changes to take place.

Once your mind and body can totally relax and let go of the stresses you had previously experienced, you might find that healing is taking place on a very profound level.

How long does a COMBO session last?

A standard COMBO session lasts 2 hours and on average 1 hour is spent on EFT/Matrix reimprinting and 1 hour on reflexology. This can vary depending on the individual need. I usually start with EFT/Matrix Reimprinting followed by reflexology.

Shorter sessions are avaiIable.

See full list of prices here.