EFT and Matrix Reimprinting
I can not endorse this healing modality enough.  I have many years’ experience of a wide variety of therapies and I came to the first of my sessions with Christine with some scepticism.  However, I am happy to admit that I found both of these methodologies helpful and the combination of them powerfully transformative beyond all my hopes and expectations.

I found that this form pierces straight to the heart of the matter but not in a way that is retraumatising.  I left each session feeling lighter and brighter and that in a very tangible way I had created new and nurturing memories for myself.  And the most wonderful thing is that the effect does not fade away since this method does feel as if it literally reprograms neural pathways.  That is, I do not feel that I have lost anything but that it has always been this way.

Christine created a very safe and loving environment and I felt able to let go and trust her to guide me through the process. I would recommend Christine and EFT/RI to anyone who is ready to take the next healing step.

I have had a phobia of water for over 50 years.  I could not even bear holding my face under running water in the shower.  Now, after EFT, this is a thing of the past and I finally have freedom and can do what I have wanted to do for a very long time.  I now love a shower with water on my face and enjoy going to my local swimming pool.  I found EFT with Christine a powerful and safe therapy.

I have had a phobia of water for over 50 years.  I could not even bear holding my face under running water in the shower.  Now, after EFT, this is a thing of the past and I finally have freedom and can do what I have wanted to do for a very long time.  I now love a shower with water on my face and enjoy going to my local swimming pool.  I found EFT with Christine a powerful and safe therapy.

Christine is warm, friendly and bubbly. Her caring nature instantly puts you at ease. I have been receiving reflexology from her for the passed 2 years, the treatment has helped me a great deal. During the passed year Christine introduced me to EFT, a therapy that I hadn't heard of. It's an amazing treatment that can have really quick results. It has helped me with many issues, including  helping me cope with the death of my Mum. 

The two treatments together really compliment each other, and after my session's with Christine I feel so calm and at peace, I feel I can achieve anything! Because of my work commitments the last few months I have been receiving my EFT sessions through Skype. This works really well, and I would thoroughly recommend it, especially to busy people! I really look forward to my session's with Christine. My life has improved for the better because of her, I will alway be grateful.
A. S.

Dear Christine,

I haven't contacted you sooner as I have been carrying out a few different trials with the tapping besides the fear of snakes. (M's fear of snakes was cleared in two tapping sessions).  

I have tapped to stop eating between meals and although my usual daily diet has remained the same, I have lost 6lbs and have no desire to eat 'nibbles' at all. 

I also found tat while teaching my husband to tap (to stop his eating between meals!) that the stiffness in my neck and back are much better.  I can now go from sitting to standing pain free - what an outcome.

Many, many thanks for your help.

Having EFT sessions with Christine has helped improve my optimism and put in perspective bad memories from my past – I can now view them from a position of distance and chose not to have the emotions they previously evoked effect me in the present time. Christine is very easy to open up to and share these upsetting memories with, I felt able and comfortable to tell her things I have kept silent for many years. 

Also Christine’s innate intuition of my thoughts and feelings about these memories meant that she was able to help me bring them to the surface in a calm and kind emotional environment. What amazed me most was once the flood gates had opened my unhappy memories of happenings and events were falling over themselves to come out and be healed.

I had some 'EFT' sessions with Christine over a period of 5 months and I can honestly say that I found the course to be of great benefit to me.

Christine provided me with some life changing tools and healing techniques to help me move forward with a more positive and balanced outlook on my life.  The 'EFT' sessions have taught me that by changing my self limiting beliefs to being more accepting and kind to myself that a lot of my physical symptoms have disappeared.

I highly recommend 'EFT' with Christine as she is a very caring and professional person with lots of positive energy and healing support to give. 
K.N., Bristol

I have found EFT to be a powerful but gentle therapy which has, for me, dissolved some very long standing emotional blocks, ‘letting in the light’.  Although it is a technique that one can learn to use for oneself, it has been of great value to me to be able to work with Christine, to have the benefit of her expertise and support.

For as long as I can remember, I have been known as the "Sensitive" friend, the one that "cries over anything". This is particularly the case when it comes to anything that involves describing issues surrounding my parents divorce & subsequent years. I always get upset, resulting in crying. Likewise I find it plays on my mind, am forever thinking about it & struggle to move on.

During having EFT with Christine I am able to talk of issues on a different level, without them getting me upset. I know feel happier & carry less blame or guilt.

I could never have imagined how I feel now was achievable, as it’s almost like I’ve started my life again with a fresh slate without the challenges that have held me back in the past.

Through tapping and talking about my more recent experiences of struggles of University, I have much more confidence & am able to almost "let go of the past" without carrying this shame.

Overall I am very pleased with the outcome. I can now see how I carried these worries with me for such a long time with the belief that this is how its was just going to be for the rest of my life, living with these painful memories.

I can now live my life in the present & for the future, with a more positive perspective, with the strength to overcome any problems that I may face.

I still use the tapping whenever anything in my everyday life niggles me & will continue to do so & hopefully share with others what I have learned. 

What can I say about Christine? I didn't think anyone could make me feel happy again! I had been very depressed over a member of my family who had a mental break down and took drink/tablets and very badly self-harmed.

I used all of me to help him causing me to feel poorly.  Reflexology helped my body to recognize its energy pathways.  This and the lovely Christine brought bright lights and a feeling of wellbeing.

Christine then told me about EFT.  It's a gentle therapy.  I can do it anywhere when I start to fear about things.  Tapping does become quicker to work when you tune into the problem.  I find now that I don't need to do the whole body all the time because I feel calmer after a little way into it. I find that having these therapies and knowing Christine has given me so much pleasure.  Thank you.

Christine, thank you so much for a heartfelt treatment.  A lot of 'stuck' energy was shifted and I am now starting (very slowly) to be able to retrieve much happier memories of my past.

Back to the Future with Matrix Re-Imprinting!

I had been invited to read out a piece of my work at a Bristol literary event, a group of 30 strangers including a well-known author. I really wanted to do it but just speaking in front of people I don’t know brings on symptoms of dizziness and nausea. How was I going to do this without a major panic attack where I might vomit on my audience or faint, or both?

Christine has helped me before, re-align difficult memories from the past through EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting, could she do the same with future events?

She could! We worked together on some of my past issues on reading in front of the class at school and then we focused on my reading for the literary event. We created a scenario where I read well and harnessed any nerves I felt into enlivening my reading.

Christine is an exceptional therapist.  I am glad that she helped me use the Matrix therapy, it was a very powerful yet simple technique.  Already I am seeing its impact in all areas of my life.  I've tried lots of other therapies but nothing was as profound as this. Thanks so much Christine.