What can EFT be used for?

EFT can help with many different issues , such as

·         Phobias, such as fear of heights, flying, driving, enclosed spaces, etc.

·         Depression, anxiety and fear

·         Anger issues

·         Emotional trauma from abuse (physical, sexual or mental) or war experience

·         Self confidence issues

·         Headaches

·         Pain

·         Addictions such as eating, drinking alcohol and smoking


Clients often find that physical problems decrease or totally disappear with tapping, as they clear underlying emotional issues.  

The list of problems/issues, where EFT may help is vast, the above mentioned ones are just some examples.  

What are the advantages of EFT

There are many benefits from learning EFT

  • It has no side effects
  •  It often works when nothing else does
  • It is a positive experience
  • Retraumatising is avoided (retraumatising can sometimes be a problem in conventional counseling, especially where a person changes practitioner and needs to go through the trauma again in order to explain)
  • It can be easily learned and self-applied (however, some cases are more severe and require an experienced practitioner)
  • It is often quicker than other complementary therapies  and  generally gives long lasting relief from symptoms